Version: 2.0


Element is a browser based load test tool that allows you to create scripts quickly in Typescript. Element can use your web app in the same way that your customers do, opening a browser and interacting with page elements. It's written like a functional test script, but with the help of Flood, you can easily run a load test on as many nodes you want in the cloud.

Learn by example#

New to Element? You're in the right place! This guide will take you through your first steps on Element, from installation to execution. If you already know what you're looking for, feel free to jump around by clicking on the links to some resources on the left. Before we continue to installation, let's go over the sections on the left and what resources you can find in each.


Here you'll find code samples which demonstrate the most common interactions to test. Click on the links on the left to see how to code each of these in Element.


If you're looking for complete scripts that you can quickly download and modify, along with detailed commentary on what each line of code does, you'll find them in this section.

API Docs#

Are you trying to do something specific that we don't already have documentation for? You can dive deep into our API here and explore the possibilities of Element.

Getting help#

If you're looking for Typescript-specific help, check out the TypeScript documentation

If there's something you'd like to do that isn't already covered in our documentation, contact us at - we can help you figure it out. We also welcome any feedback or comments!