Version: 1.3



Released: Sep 2020


  • Backward compatible with legacy test scripts (actionDelay & stepDelay time measurement unit)
  • --watch option not working
  • consoleFilter settings not working
  • browser.sendKeys() does not work if TestSettings.waitUntil is enabled
  • Error on authenticating with Flood from Element CLI


Released: Aug 2020

New features


  • Handle multiple tabs/windows (GitHub issue #47)
  • Refactor code and fix dependencies life cycle issue (GitHub issue #176)
  • Add Until.elementTextDoesNotMatch()
  • Support importing script helper from other node modules (GitHub issue #71)
  • Make process.env reflect environment variables present when running element run (GitHub issue #104)


  • Fix homebrew publish of Element (GitHub issue #135)
  • Unable to use the command element generate <file.ts> (GitHub issue #165)
  • Setting recoveryTries does not work (GitHub issue #195)
  • Exit status of element run test.ts to reflect test passing/failing (GitHub issue #30)
  • Setting screenshotOnFailure():true does not create a screenshot on failure (GitHub issue #87)
  • Getting error responded with status code 401. Element expected a status code 200-299 or 300-399 (GitHub issue #146)