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Load Test Your App Using Real Browsers

Flood Element is the first scalable, browser based load generation tool — making load testing as easy as functional testing.


Flood Element is the best way to get started with load testing.

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Realistic Load

Working at a higher level of abstraction greatly simplifies the requests you need to make to simulate users on your application.

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Test Data

Load testing without test data is like using lorem ipsum in production. Element is shipped with rich support for loading data from multiple CSV and JSON files.

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Selenium Compatible

Element's DSL is heavily influenced by WebDriver.js, making it really easy to migrate your Selenium scripts to Element.

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Built on Playwright

Thanks to the speed and cross-browser support of Playwright automation library, Element generates load by launching thousands of instances of Chromium, Firefox, or Webkit.

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TypeScript gives you inline documentation and script validation before pressing launch, to catch the small issues which might stop the show.

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Command Line Interface

Initiate new tests, validate, and watch your scripts being executed locally in real-time with our intuitive and progressive CLI.

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Simulating multiple local users

Generate a number of virtual users, ramping up and/or down for a specific duration, each running a browser instance to perform load testing locally at a small scale.

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HTML test report

View an HTML report of the final test results of your test suite. So that while you assess the performance, you can also evaluate the quality of the application under test without the hassle of writing separate scripts for non-functional and functional testing.

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Quick Flood launching

Launch your load test on Flood without opening the browser. Just authenticate your Flood account on Element and initiate a flood directly from Element CLI.

Test Smarter

Load testing at the browser level opens up huge opportunities for testing modern web applications which would be extremely difficult to achieve reliably with existing network level load testing tools.

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Reduce maintenance

Flood Element scripts are less prone to breakage compared with JMeter or Gatling scripts.

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Save time

It takes just a few minutes to get functional load test running with Flood Element.

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Generate Realistic Load

In today's modern applications, up to 80% of performance problems occur in the browser, which makes browser based load testing more important than ever.

Browser vs. Protocol

Load testing has barely kept pace with the rate of innovation on the web as a platform over the last 20 years. We set out to change this with Flood Element.

FeaturesProtocol-level Load TestingBrowser-based Load Testing
Network Traces
Record backend performance
Record frontend performance
Browser Performance Testing with full control
Capable of testing any user behaviour
Record network and user interaction time
Load testing as easy as functional test
Screenshot on error or on demand