Examples - Verification - By Text

Last updated 5 months ago

Using complete strings

The easiest way to verify that a resulting page has been load successfully is to check some static text value that you know will apear once the page is loaded.

await browser.wait(Until.elementIsVisible(By.visibleText('Resulting page text here')))

We can use the browser.wait command along with the By.visibleText option containing the static text we would like to validate against.

Or, you are able to use a simple text verification over 2 statements as follows:

let pageTextVerify = By.visibleText('Welcome to')
await browser.wait(Until.elementIsVisible(pageTextVerify))

Using partial strings

You are also able to validate a resulting page using partial strings - as follows:

let pageTextVerify = By.partialVisibleText('Welcome to')
await browser.wait(Until.elementIsVisible(pageTextVerify))