Version: 1.0

CLI reference


You can check the usage of any CLI command using the inbuilt help command.

e.g. Get help on the options for the run command:

element run help

Working with Element locally

Init a local Element project

element init [dir] [options]

Init a test script, a default configuration file and a minimal environment to get you started with Flood Element. Positionals

  • [dir] (string) the directory to initialize with an Element test script. Defaults to the current directory.


  • --skip-install (boolean) Skip yarn/npm install. Defaults to false.

Generate a basic test script from a template

element generate <file>

Output the test script plan without executing it

element plan <file> [options]


  • --json (boolean) Output the test plan as JSON format. Defaults to false.

Run a test script locally

element run <file> [options]


file: the test script (or path to the test script) to run. Specifies a test script written in TypeScript with a .ts extension.


  • Browser:

    • --chrome Specify which version of Google Chrome to use. Default: use the puppeteer bundled version. Change it to 'stable' to use the Chrome version installed on your system, or provide a path to use Chrome at the given path.
    • --no-headless Run in non-headless mode so that you can see what the browser is doing as it runs the test.
    • --devtools Run in non-headless mode and also open devtools
    • --no-sandbox Disable the chrome sandbox - advanced option, mostly necessary on linux.
  • Running the test script:

    • --watch Watch <file> and rerun the test when it changes.
    • --fast-forward, --ff Run the script in fast-forward: override the actionDelay and stepDelay settings to 1 second in the test script. Specify a number to set a different delay.
    • --slow-mo Run the script in slow-motion: Increase the actionDelay and stepDelay settings in the test script to 10 seconds. Specify a number to set a different delay.
    • --step-delay Override stepDelay test script setting [number]
    • --action-delay Override actionDelay test script setting [number]
    • --loop-count Override the loopCount setting in the test script. This is normally overridden to 1 when running via the cli. [number][default: 1]
    • --strict Compile the script in strict mode. This can be helpful in diagnosing problems. DEPRECATED
  • Paths:

    • --work-root Specify a custom work root. (Default: a directory named after your test script, and at the same location)
    • --test-data-root Specify a custom path to find test data files. (Default: the same directory as the test script)